See me As a!

Among the different activities I do and enjoy doing, is modeling

At 13, I obtained the modeling school certificate. I learned a beautiful walk and performing on the catwalk, but never done it in practice because my height did not meet the criteria established for the catwalk.

Occasionally I was invited to participate as a model for makeup and received many compliments from professional artists, because my face is very universal for any type of makeup. I can look like a different person, makeup professionals can create in me any aspect they want.

I have been invited by different designers and fashion brands. I didn’t take it as a career since I wasn’t focused on modeling as a career, I took it as a hobby and I was very successful and got more invitations for modeling jobs.

I have mainly been invited to participate in events as a model of make up, hand made accessories and clothes.

Although I have not focused on modeling as a career, I have not participated in a catwalk events and I have not had the opportunity to work with renowned fashion designers, I love to be different and try professionally feature clothes or make up by express myself but showing the personality of the things I need to highlight as a model.

Modeling is a very charming activity because as a woman it allows you to express yourself in several ways. Although I would also love to have a performance on the catwalk, this is the most difficult part for me, due to my height.

On the other hand, the world of modeling is very attractive and as I mentioned earlier, it is one of the activities I enjoy doing the most. In the future I would love to to launch my “Who” brand, “Afra” or something similar recognizable and associated with this nickname that I have earned in the world of car racing.

As another of my dreams in terms of modeling I would love to be on the covers on many fashion luxury magazines. I would love to be on vogue. I have learned that dreams can come true, and that dreaming drives you to work towards your goals.

I strongly believe in building my path step by step, so I am completely sure that I will have new and challenging projects in this beautiful world of modeling.